December Daily - Day 3

The weather has been crazy warm here in North Texas... almost 80 degrees yesterday... I had a little photo shoot at the park and dragged these kiddos along with me. They played while I took pictures of our sweet friends. And I got a few shots of these fun kids... and their summer clothes in December!

Here's to mild winters...
 This little girl follows me every where. She's fun to have around and keeps me entertained. I loves to lay down right where I'm working... this is a perfect example. Making lots of lists and trying to stay organized here...

This is the sweet family I had the privileged of photographing in the afternoon... precious!

 And I actually got in a work out yesterday... here we go again... 10K will be here before you know it.

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Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

The boys remind me of my boy who is almost always in his Angry Birds Shirt! And the stepper is part of my daily thing too.